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Freedom Feeder » FREEDOM FEEDER SLOW FEED “PASTURE IN A NET” – Manufactured and assembled in the USA

FREEDOM FEEDER SLOW FEED “PASTURE IN A NET” – Manufactured and assembled in the USA

Freedom Feeder is the original slow feed hay net system made in the USA.  They allow your horses to have the closest thing to pasture when regular pasture is not available.


It is our goal to get horses back to grazing in a natural fashion by providing forage 24/7 which reduces ulcers, colic, boredom, stall vices and saves money on wasted hay.  When horses are provided consistent forage and exercise, they are given the opportunity to reset their natural instincts and will naturally slow down. Then the nets provide the restriction which mimics natural grazing in an environment which is void of regular pasture.

Our nets are regularly recommended by Veterinarians, Equine Hospitals and Equine Nutritionists including Juliet M.extended day net Getty, PhD and author of Feed Your Horse Like a Horse. We pioneered the slow feed movement in 2007 and have transitioned 1000’s of horses back to grazing.

Meal feeding is not natural for horses it is one of the major causes of colic, ulcers, and insulin resistance.  It is the cause of horses why horses need to be slowed down in the first place.   Please read through this website for more very valuable information on this new “old” way of feeding.


Since we are made right here in the USA, we can even do custom orders if you have a special application or idea to fit your existing feeding set up.


How many of us get up at the crack of dawn with horses pawing, chewing, calling, pacing… anything to get us out to give them food because nature designed them to graze up to 20 hours a day?

Horses’ digestive systems never truly stop producing digestive  acids.  When their sensitive stomachs are empty of food they are stressed, prone to colic, ulcers, and boredom leading to destructive stall vices just to mention a few of the consequences.      Horses should have access to low calorie, high fiber forage at all times. Feeding two, three or even four feedings a day is unnatural for horses.  We are tied to feeding them “small meals” throughout the day because we care about their sensitive digestive systems. But what are the horse’s eating at night while we are sleeping?  Dinner out with friends, overnight outings, a full day away from the barn, those are only memories… .

UNTIL NOW! Veterinarian recommended1 Freedom Feeder Extended Day Small Mesh Hay Nets allow your animals to feed naturally 24/7 through a simple “controlled free access feeding” program!

Freedom Feeders Small Mesh Hay Nets allow you to create a feeding system.
Spread them out so the horses will self-exercise as they go from bag to bag. Even in a 12×24 stall, put one at either end of the stall.

These nets can be hung on fences, box stalls, laced closed and thrown on the ground like a pillow. They are made of 1/8″(3mm) Nylon mesh woven into 1-1/2″(2.25sq”)  and 1″ (1 sq”) squares.  This material has 275 lb. per strand of tensil strength!

You can use any kind of hay in the nets  The broader the leaf, the slower it goes through the net.  Although we do not recommend free feeding alfalfa, it too can be fed through the net but the leaves will fall through.  If you use a mat or tub underneath the net it will catch any small pieces, protect shoes from the netting and leave zero waste.

Featured in EQUUS, Nov 2011 issue. Sizing Up Slow Feeders – Devices that stop your horse from eating hay too fast can save you time and money, and they may even help make him happier and healthier. – “We are learning that intermittent feeding may be at least partly responsible for stable vices…wood chewing, wind-sucking, weaving and so on.” – “The horses always have hay in front of them, and you can just see how much more content they are. No more wood or tree chewing, their weight is good, and no more anxiety around feeding time.” – “When horses go for a long time without eating and then get fed a big meal of hay, this causes insulin ‘spikes.'”


**Please make sure you follow the instructions included with the bags. These bags are extremely strong, so if your horse wears shoes or is extra playful, please use the break-away attachments either in place of the strings, or between the bag and strings.  However, some very aggressive horses will chew through them quickly. If you have followed the directions and this happens please send us an email with photos.   These horses need the bags most and we will work with you to make sure they have what they need.**

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