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About Us

Welcome to Freedom!

While we do offer the Freedom Feeder “Pasture in a  Net” feeding system as the best means we’ve found to free you from rigid feeding schedules, and to allow your horse to feed naturally in today’s environment, this website is not just about feeding…

What this site offers are natural solutions to your horse’s basic needs which can be easily and economically implemented, including feeding systems, nutrition, natural hoofcare, stabling/paddock systems and general horse management.

We are first and foremost horse owners and horse lovers with close to a century of combined horse knowledge.  We pioneered the slow feed movement with Freedom Feeder in 2007 and have helped 1000’s of horses life happier, healthier lives through freedom feeding. As professional natural barefoot trimmers and mentors, our search for ways to take care of our horses in the most natural, cost effective way possible, has led us to discover the practical approaches to horse keeping that you will find on this website.

So please take the time to browse and learn how you can make the world a better place for your horse.

We invite you to visit our Facebook page and become a part of the Freedom Feeder family.  Please “Like” our page to keep up on the latest  Freedom Feeder happenings.  Remember, we are here to help so please feel free to contact us through this website, our personal email or through our Freedom Feeder Facebook page.

Happy Freedom Feeding!

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