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Practical Horse Care and Other Cool Ideas

Coat Duster
Pledge furniture polish sprayed lightly on rag and wipe coat.  Doesn’t slip and leaves hair shiney and like bunny fur.

Inexpensive, effective fly spray:
1 oz straight permethrins, 1 oz Avon Skin So Soft, fill rest of spray bottle with water.

Invisible Horse Photos

With 205 bones and 700 muscles the horse is a challenging animal for anatomy students to study. Champion rider Gillian Higgins paints the flexor muscle chain on one side of the horse

Gillian, 27, a sports remedial therapist, from Nottingham, first hit on the idea three years ago after completing a degree in equine business management at the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

“… many riders and trainers could benefit from a better understanding of how the horse works. With all those bones and muscles with incredibly long names, it can be a bit much to take it all in.”  Here, champion rider, Gillian Higgins and a sports remedial therapist from Nottingham tries to show the anatomy and how the horse works in an interesting and easy to understand way.

Repairing a deep cut where stitches are not an option:

Clean and debride area with antibacterial agent
Use Furisin which encourages cellular growth on the wound until it fills in.
Once wound has filled in, make a paste of baking soda and water and apply to stop the cellular growth and proud flesh.

Thrush Treatments

We have found this method most effective against incapsulated thrush as described in the Natural Hoof Care section.  It should be done at least twice a year.

Using a pair of soaking boots, clean the bottom of the foot thoroughly with antibacterial liquid soap and a scrub brush, rinse and put the feet into the boots.  Put about a quart of Colloidal Silver into each boot and let the feet soak for 5 hours.  You can purchase a colloidal silver generator for around $100 through

To be applied once a week.

16 oz DMSO to 2 oz “Thrush off” available through  Clean the center sulcus and groves on either side of the frog thoroughly and spray the mixture on the cleaned area.  The DMSO is a vasal dialator, nothing grows in it and it takes whatever it comes in contact with it into the body.  The Thrush Off kills external thrush on contact and heals damaged tissue.  Both are non caustic.  Be sure to use gloves or be very careful to not get the mixture on your hands.  Although both products are natural you will notice the taste from DMSO if you get it on your hands and the FDA does not approve it for human use.

Please check back again soon – we will always be adding more great ideas and information.


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