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These feeders are TOUGH, and have withstood several months now of inclement weather and busy mouths nibbling through them. Both the extended day feeders and the bale bags are super easy to use. I just can’t believe we went so long without them!

Michele, Mending Hearts Horse Rescue

Now, when I am out riding my horses, they are not barn spoiled and anxious to get back to the barn. Also, all of the dominate posturing over food has disappeared. 


My oldest horse has stopped pacing circles in his stall and everyone else is quieter since he is. 


My filly is absolutely thriving with it. She holds her weight (even through crazy growth spurts). She is calm, she rarely hunts around her paddock for food, and best of all she no longer chews wood habitually.

Katherine Shelton

I thought my horses were high strung. They are so relaxed and gentle now. I can’t say enough good things about the change the slow feeders have made in my horse’s lives. I highly recommend them.


I was worried about sand colic. This setup works great. I've been feeding the horses on a sand lot for 3 years with the same bags with no issues at all. 

Lana Morrison

The nets may have saved my horses life rephrase …they did save my horses life, by getting her digestion system working it let her pass a gastrointestinal enterolith about the size of a tennis ball. Now my horses are happy and content also…love the nets..

Nancy Garriott

She's such a different horse now that she has access to hay all the time. She is happy and healthy!! Thanks!!

Tina Singelakis-Bandy

My Rocky is rather famous for his "monkey personality" which includes being a pick pocket, an escape artist, fence demolition, stair climber, tool thief, home invader, blanket removal, knot houdini, water sprayer and fly mask hide and seek. His Freedom Feeder has substantially cut back his michief making.

Joy Bruce

Freedom Feeder Nets are the healthy choice for feeding hay

If pasture isn't an option

If pasture isn't an option

Freedom Feeder nets are regularly recommended by Veterinarians, Equine Hospitals, Equine Dentists and Equine Nutritionists including Juliet M. Getty, PhD (author of Feed Your Horse Like a Horse) and Chaire Thunes PhD Nutrition, University of California Davis, Summit Equine Nutrition.

Keep your horse moving

Keep your horse moving

In the wild, horses will travel up to 20 miles per day. This movement is vital to physical and mental health. Creating feeding stations encourages your horses to move from net to net self-exercising and simulating natural behavior.  Even in a 12×24 stall, put one at either end of the stall.

A healthy gut is important

A healthy gut is important

Feeding two, three or even four feedings a day is unnatural for horses. Their sensitive stomachs are empty 2-3 hours after they finish a meal and they become stressed, prone to colic, ulcers, and vices. Scientific studies have shown that horses should have access to appropriate low calorie, high fiber forage at all times.



Colic, ulcers, boredom, vices, wasted feed and digestive upset by keeping the horse chewing and the gut moving naturally



Digestion and absorption. Slow feeding helps the horse naturally regulate weight, in both the easy keeper and the not-so-easy keeper.



Natural grazing instincts. Horses stomachs never truly stop producing digestive acids, resulting in pawing, chewing, calling and pacing when food isn't available. Keep forage available to relieve their stress and your own, freeing up time to do the fun things.



Attitude and peak performance by enabling your horse reach their maximum potential through scientifically supported feeding practices.

Freedom Feeder Frame

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Get the benefits of slow feeding without the hassle of opening and closing nets.

Our Freedom Frame is a custom metal frame for use with a Freedom Feeder DAY NET, EXTENDED DAY NET OR FULL BALE NET in the feed window, wall of your barn or on the fence. The frame measures 26"x16" and can hold up to 125# of hay! 

It features safe rounded corners, and a rolling hinge. Open the hinge to weave your Freedom Feeder net onto the frame. Once the net is on the frame, insert the screws into the hinge to lock it all into place and secure it to the window. 

  • The frame can also be wall mounted or mounted on a fence for mail-slot style feeding!
  • Ideal for large stables! Open the window, throw in the hay, close the window. 
  • Less hay waste- saves time on feeding multiple horses.

Made and Assembled in the USA!

Freedom Feeders are loom woven from a soft, yet durable, knotless nylon that is easy on noses, teeth and gums. They are naturally UV resistant and there are no chemicals to leech into the hay when the net gets wet.