Freedom Feeder Frame

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Get the benefits of slow feeding without the hassle of opening and closing nets.

Our Freedom Frame is a custom metal frame for use with a Freedom Feeder DAY NET, EXTENDED DAY NET OR FULL BALE NET in the feed window, wall of your barn or on the fence. The frame measures 26"x16" and can hold up to 125# of hay! 

It features safe rounded corners, and a rolling hinge. Open the hinge to weave your Freedom Feeder net onto the frame. Once the net is on the frame, insert the screws into the hinge to lock it all into place and secure it to the window. 

  • The frame can also be wall mounted or mounted on a fence for mail-slot style feeding!
  • Ideal for large stables! Open the window, throw in the hay, close the window. 
  • Less hay waste- saves time on feeding multiple horses.

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