Round Bale Nets

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Stop wasting hay and encourage your horses to chew more by covering your round bales with a Freedom Feeder.   They are a large 5 sided cube with a draw cord closure.  The 6′ Round Bale net will also fit over a 4'×8′ square bale.

We recommend you use a hay ring with shod horses to prevent shoes from catching in the netting.

NOTE:  Our round bales are custom made for you.  Please allow a minimum lead time of 2 weeks.

Mesh Size: Round bale nets come in 1.5" or 2″ mesh openings.

How to Choose your mesh size:

1.5” OPTIMAL opening to slow consumption, mimic grazing, prevent waste

2″ AGGRESSIVE eaters, alfalfa diets, larger muzzled animals. May reduce to smaller mesh size if necessary


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